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  • Hvac Heating Ventilation And Ac

    AC, Heating, and Ventilation (HVAC)

    At Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop we provides a variety of repair services for automotive heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The HVAC system is there to maintain a comfortable environment in your car and we know how important (even essential) a well-functioning AC can …

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  • Computer Diagnostics

    Computer Diagnostics

    Modern cars and trucks have become more and more computerized over the past years and many repair facilities are struggling to keep up with all the new new computer systems and technical data. Today’s vehicles are for the most part computer controlled and use sophisticated …

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  • Battery, Charging and Starting Systems

    Battery, Charging and Starting Systems

    Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop is a quality service provider of auto charging system repairs. Our staff here knows that the battery, charging and starting systems in our clients vehicles play a very important role in making sure that the car or truck operates dependably.

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  • Belts And Hoses

    Belts & Hoses

    Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop offers comprehensive repair services for automotive belts and hoses at our location in Cape Coral. We understand that adhering to the manufacturers recommended replacement schedule of your car’s belts and hoses ensures that your engine, AC, cooling and charging systems will …

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  • Brake Repair

    Brake Repair

    Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop offers a wide range of services in brake repair for both domestic and import brake systems at our repair shop in Cape Coral. Everyone working here understands the importance the brake system in your car or truck has in keeping yourself …

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  • Clutch Repair Service

    Clutch Service & Repair

    At Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop we offer complete auto clutch repair and service for cars and trucks. To keep your vehicle in top performing condition and to avoid early failure, we recommend you have the operating linkage of your clutch checked periodically.

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  • Auto Cooling System

    Cooling Systems

    Here at Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop we know the important role your car or truck’s cooling system plays in the longevity and overall dependability of your engine as you drive around sunny Florida. When it comes to the repair,┬áservice, and replacement of automotive cooling system …

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  • Differential

    Differential Service & Repair

    Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop is a quality provider of automotive differential service and repair in Cape Coral. The differential is a part of your car or truck’s drivetrain situated between two wheels to which they are attached by an axle shaft. The differential enables your …

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  • Drivetrain

    Drivetrain Service & Repair

    For choice diagnoses, service, and repair of your vehicles drivetrain/powertrain, Oscar’s Auto Rapair Shop in Cape Coral, FL will provide you with excellent service. Our mechanics are expertly trained to keep your car or truck performing in top-notch condition.

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  • Electrical System

    Electrical System Repair

    Every year automotive electrical systems are becoming more and more complicated. At Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop we are on top of the trends and provide our clients with a large variety of electrical system repair services. There are many components that are controlled by the …

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