Clutch Service & Repair

Clutch Repair Service

Clutch Service & Repair

At Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop we offer complete auto clutch repair and service for cars and trucks. To keep your vehicle in top performing condition and to avoid early failure, we recommend you have the operating linkage of your clutch checked periodically.

We provide the following services for clutch service and repair:
Clutch Adjustment
Clutch Kit Installation
Clutch Slave Cylinder
  1. Del HerwatDel Herwat10-10-2013

    Good Morning,

    I have a 99 Corvette having some clutch issues. If in gear, clutch depressed, the clutch will engage and vehicle will begin to move. I have used a turkey baster and removed old fluid and replaced with new; however, problem continues. Little scary at times. Any ideas ? Willing to take a look at it ?