Suspension & Steering

Auto Suspension And Steering

Suspension & Steering

The suspension system of your car or truck is a very intricate network of parts that work together to ensure a cushioned and stable ride.

The parts of the suspension system takes a considerable amount of abuse as you drive around and as a result will eventually start wearing down (or brake if left to long), and will need to be replaced.

At Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop in Cape Coral we provide a complete range of services for your vehicles suspension and steering systems.

We Provide the Following Services for Suspension & Steering:
4×4 Suspension
Air Suspension
Coil Springs
CV Joints
Drag & Race Car Suspensions
Front End Suspension
High Performance Suspensions
Hub Units
Independent Rear Suspensions
Inner and Outer Tie Rods
Leaf Spring Suspensions
Manual Steering
New Suspensions
Off Road Suspension
Power Steering
Rack and Pinion
Rear Suspensions
Shock Absorbers
Suspension Arms
Suspension Ball Joints
Suspension Bushings
Suspension Install
Suspension Lift Kits
Suspension Lowering
Suspension Replacement
Suspension Springs
Suspension Struts
Suspension Tuning
Suspension Upgrades
Suspension Wheel Alignment