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Tire / Wheels

At Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop we appreciate that your tires and wheels play a very important role in the overall safety as well as appearance of your car or truck.

While a nice set of wheels can really make your vehicle look good, the tires rival the brakes as the number one safety device of any automobile.

Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop in Cape Coral provides a broad variety of tire/wheel repair and replacement services that will ensure the continued performance and safety of your vehicle.

We Provide the Following Services for Tires / Wheels:
Aluminum Wheels
Chrome Wheels
Custom Wheels
High Performance Tires
Mud Tires
Performance Tires
Performance Wheels
Steel Wheels
Tire Alignment
Tire Installation
Tire Pressure Check
Tire Rotation
truck Tires
Wheel Balancing
Wheel Packages
Wire Wheels