Brake Repair

Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop offers a wide range of services in brake repair for both domestic and import brake systems at our repair shop in Cape Coral. Everyone working here understands the importance the brake system in your car or truck has in keeping yourself and your passengers safe.

The parts of a vehicles braking system cannot last for the lifespan of one’s car, they wear with time as you drive and use them day after day. Replacing the pads (also known as shoes) are the most typical braking system service we perform in our Cape Coral shop. The reason being that each time you press the brake, the pad material gets worn down against the rotor. Should the brake pads be allowed to wear down past the point where they should be replaced the metal surface beneath them will come into contact with the metal rotors (otherwise known as drums). A situation like this is not only unsafe, but will also ultimately cost more for you to repair.

At Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop we cannot stress enough that knowing when to service the brake system on your car or truck is really important in keeping the cost of your brake repair to a minimum. You can avoid costly brake repair expenses simply by being aware of the warning signs of potential brake failure and all you need to determine such warning signs is your touch, sight and hearing. Here are the obvious signs to look out for: the brake warning light on your dashboard goes on; you hear grinding noises; the brake fluid either runs low or is dirty; or when you push down on the brake pedal it feels “spongy”.

At Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop we are certified and trained to service all manner of brake systems including front and rear. At our Cape Coral shop, one of our mechanics will provide you with a thorough front and rear brake inspection to make sure they are working properly. We will then give you a run down of what is wrong with your brakes along with any service options and a cost estimate for the repair. Our mechanics can take care of anything from brake pad and cylinder replacement, to rotor servicing and will also fix any problems you might have with Anti-Lock Brake Systems. Additionally, you can also count on us to take care of any recommended manufacturer vehicle maintenance, such as replacing brake fluids or performing a brake fluid flush to get rid of moisture and air in your brake lines.