Cooling Systems

Here at Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop we know the important role your car or truck’s cooling system plays in the longevity and overall dependability of your engine as you drive around sunny Florida.

When it comes to the repair, service, and replacement of automotive cooling system components, you are in good hands with the mechanic staff at Oscar’s.

With the advancement of automotive technologies over the years, the cooling system has improved with more efficient radiator materials and designs, as well as new coolant formulations.

Primarily, the cooling system of your vehicle functions as a means to remove heat off the engine and let it dissipate into the air outside. This happens when heat from the engine system is absorbed by a coolant, which is then circulated by the water pump back through the radiator. When the heated coolant passes through the radiator the heat dissipates into the air. To make sure the temperature of the coolant remains at a level that promotes maximum engine operation efficiency, it is regulated by a thermostat.

There are various factors that will affect the need to replace parts of the cooling system – such as the radiator, thermostat and water pump. Some of these factors include the driving conditions in Cape Coral and the surrounding areas, your personal driving habits, the type car and coolant involved, and then the frequency of scheduled maintenance services like changing the coolant.

Common problems with a vehicles cooling system include leaks, overheating, the frequent need to add fluid and a “sweet smell”.

Oscar’s Auto Repair Shop offers a full range of repair services for the cooling systems of both foreign and domestic cars and trucks. Our mechanics are certified and well trained to diagnose and fix your cooling system problem quickly and at a competitive and affordable price, getting you back on the road asap. Before doing any work, however, we will provide you with a complete cost estimate so that you are not met with any kind of surprises when you pick up your vehicle from us.